7.02 seasons writing assignment rubric

How to implement Decide first how complex you would like this activity to be and then plan accordingly. Others may prefer to break this down into five or six levels, adding categories like "needs extensive revision," or "outstanding.

Later, when they look at their grades, they can see at a glance the strengths and weaknesses of their work. If you want to make this activity truly memorable, have students prepare and share their recipes and enjoy the food together in the classroom. Having received the criteria with an assignment, students are able to write toward specific goals.

In Chile, for example, springtime on the central coast can be a lot warmer than in the mountains of Patagonia in the south. It makes sense—how else can you carry on a conversation? How to Connect Calendar Activities with Spanish Lessons Introduce the uses of ser and estar alongside lessons about the calendar.

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You can even get creative with vocabulary building by asking students to describe the weather conditions and the corresponding items of clothing someone might wear at this time of year, or the corresponding activities people might do.

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iRubric: First Grade Science- Writing About Seasons rubric

Have students write a brief description in Spanish of the weather conditions at this time of year in the particular country as a homework assignment.

If it makes sense for you, introduce this activity with an explanation of the difference between religious calendar events and secular ones, or ask students to talk about holidays and customs that they enjoy personally. How does it affect the traditions, lifestyles and dress of the people who live in these places?

Exceeds Expectations Student spelled words correctly.

02 Seasons Writing Assignment

While it works any time, you can assign this activity at the beginning of the school year to give students the opportunity to introduce themselves to you and to each other. Make the most of the personal connections students will have to a birthday month or favorite season.

Build confidence early on and have fun with creative projects.Seasons Writing Assignment Write a composition or a letter, in Spanish, to a friend where you include the following items. Use the following tips to help you with this assignment. 1. Choose a Spanish-speaking country you would like to visit.

North Argentina. 2. Specify the month you will visit%(18). Seasons Writing Assignment Write a composition or a letter, in Spanish, to a friend where you include the following items. Use the following tips to help you with this assignment.

ultimedescente.com a country you would like to visit. ultimedescente.comy the month you will visit. ultimedescente.combe what the weather is like during each season. ultimedescente.comn at least five articles of clothing that you will need for the 5/5(2).

Seasons Rubric 4 3 2 1 Content: The Seasons I name all four seasons. I can tell you 3 or more facts about each season. I name all four seasons. I can tell you 1 or 2 facts about writing I make some mistakes when reading and writing I make a lot of mistakes when reading and.

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7.02 seasons writing assignment rubric
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