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This late-period Harrison Ford actioner is full of palpable, if not entirely seamless, thrills. In addition, members of the press have been invited aboard, including Radek loyalists disguised as journalists led by Ivan Korshunov.

President James Marshall Harrison Ford flies with his wife and daughter to Moscow to thank the new Russian government. Despite all the tension, Bennett remains calm and collected during the entire ordeal, and refuses to make risky or poor decisions.

While visiting the former Soviet Union, Marshall gives a speech in which he supports a get-tough attitude against both terrorists and a right-wing general and war criminal from Kazakhstan imprisoned in Moscow, earning him few friends in the Eastern Bloc. Three weeks after the mission, U. What did kids think of all the Cabinet bickering about authority and command protocol while President Marshall was in jeopardy?

Unknown to Korshunov, Marshall, a veteran of the Vietnam War and a Medal of Honor recipient, has remained hidden in the cargo hold instead of using the pod, and begins to observe the loyalists using his military training.

Kudos to Harrison Ford, as not many actors could manage to make James Marshall believable as, all at once, an action hero, caring dad, virile husband, and a righteous and thoughtful Commander-in-Chief -- imagine Rambo mixed Air force one movie review Josiah Bartlett. Gary Oldman as Egor Korshunov: After takeoff, Secret Service agent Gibbs, who is a moleenables Korshunov and his men to obtain weapons and storm the plane, killing many of the other agents and military personnel before taking the civilians hostage.

Korshunov breaches the cockpit and prevents the plane from making an emergency landing at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germanyand secures Grace and Alice separately from the other hostages. Marshall must use his strength and intelligence to keep the terrorists at bay and devise a plan to allow his family to escape to safety, while on the ground the vice-president Glenn Closethe secretary of defense Dean Stockwelland the attorney general Philip Baker Hall grapple over what to do and how much control to take in this crisis.

President James Marshall attends a diplomatic dinner in Moscow in Russiaduring which he praises the capture and insists the U. Largely thanks to him, this mayhem actually restores some of old-style Hollywood reverence and awe for the Oval Office, a quality so many films tore down since the s and the Watergate scandal.

Cast[ edit ] Harrison Ford as U. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Unfortunately, that is challenged almost immediately as Air Force One is hijacked by Russian Nationalist Terrorists who want the President to convince the Russian leader to release General Radek, an imprisoned Russian leader.

Numerous people are killed, including execution by a pistol discharge to the head. Marshall is also a decorated Vietnam veteran and a Medal of Honor winner, speaks reasonably fluent Russian. Popular president and a family man who loves his wife Grace and daughter Alice.

Add your rating See all 23 kid reviews. Marshall and military advisors devise a plan to trick Korshunov to take Air Force One to a lower altitude for a mid-air refuelinggiving time for the hostages to parachute safely off the plane.

Plot[ edit ] American and Russian Special Forces capture General Ivan Radek, the dictator of a rogue terrorist regime in Kazakhstan that possessed stolen Soviet nuclear weaponsthreatening to start a new Cold War.

Air Force One

Shortly after the fall of Soviet communism, a U. You can educate kids about the post-Cold War time period. Families can talk about the actions undertaken by President Marshall. While flying back to the United States aboard Air Force One, Marshall and his staff discover that one of the journalists returning with them is actually Ivan Korshunov Gary Oldmana Kazakhstani terrorist, who hijacks the plane with three associates and holds the president hostage -- with his wife and daughter on board.

July 25, Starring: But Ford pulls it off.Overall Air Force One was a fantastic film which was thrilling, action-packed and moving at times and it also opened up some secrets of Air Force One, even if it.

Air Force One is a pretty good movie even though it is a little far fetched sometimes. It did have quite a bit of violence and they definitely could have done without the foul language.

Hollywood always seems to put foul language, violence and at least one liberal left wing line or two into every movie. The Tomatometer rating – based on the published opinions of hundreds of film and television critics – is a trusted measurement of movie and TV programming quality for millions of moviegoers.

Ditto for Air Force One personnel, people getting mowed down all over the shop, no idea who they are.

Little character development for the bad guys or good guys accept for the odd main roles 78%. Review: What if a kamikaze terrorist (Gary Oldman) seized Air Force One -- a military base, communications center and mobile seat of government all crammed into one sleek, bulletproof, nuclear. Jul 25,  · THE ''A.F.O.'' monograms on Presidential hand towels show how much the little things count in Wolfgang Petersen's fast-paced, red-blooded action movie ''Air .

Air force one movie review
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