Dissertation report on employee satisfaction

Job satisfaction can also lead to various factors like decreased absenteeism, reduced turnover, and fewer on the job injuries Balzer et al. The number of units produced, processed or sold is a good objective indicator of performance Hakala, This concept of motivation is applicable within hospitality as well as other organization.

The identification of corporate responsibilities can help the researcher to analyse and evaluate the current practices and conditions in relation to job satisfaction and work performance within the organization and make valid conclusions and recommendations both to academic and organizational perspective.

The opportunities range from royal banquets to the pampered luxury enjoyed in our private health clubs. Relationship between job satisfaction and work performance; and v.

For example, due to lack of available money, she carried out limited number of questionnaire surveys and interviews within the case studied organization, as she needs to travel more to carry out more surveys and interviews that cost more money.

Another technique interview that Dissertation report on employee satisfaction regarded as more open-ended approach than critical incidents and where interviews offer interviewee wider scope in terms of response McKenna, p.

Economic concerns are of interest to employers because they want to get the most from their employees. Research approach According to Tobinthere are several elements on the research that are based either on the empirical or non-empirical or combination of the two research approach.

The researcher would like to mention that there were four sections such as i. Overall research limitations Every research project has some limitations that can affect the overall research activities and research report. According to Muijsvalidity determines the answer what the researcher wants to measure.

Theoretical framework associated with the research To formulate the theoretical framework associated with this research is important and vital in accordance with research background. He also mentioned that there are other techniques for measuring job satisfaction such as critical incidents and interviews.

Forming natural work units that enhances task identity and task significance; c. The time required to complete a particular task can be regard as measuring tool of work performance of that employee within the organization Hakala, One could add fair promotion policies and practices to fair pay Witt and Nye, The researcher has been working for nearly 2 years within the hotel, so she knows information and knowledge about the effect of job satisfaction and work performance of the employees within the Grange Hotels, UK.

Relationship of job satisfaction and employee performance (MBA HRM Dissertation)

For example, the interview questions were designated with both open-ended and closed-ended, mostly using Likert scale questions.

The chapter 4 has been designated to present analysed data both of qualitative and quantitative data.

Several authors and researcher have revealed that job satisfaction is an important aspect within the organizational performance, particularly in the hospitality and hotel industry as the business is concern with services through the employees.

Conclusion In this chapter some of the major issues and concepts such as research background, research aims, research objectives, research questions, theoretical framework, reasons for selecting research topic, overall limitations within the research project etc.

In similar ways, she has followed and maintained some relevant ethical issues such as confidentiality, privacy, honesty, integrity and fairness etc. The researcher has made valid conclusions and recommendations base on the research findings where there are several issues and concepts that need further investigation and analysis that can lead future research initiatives.

He mentioned that there are mainly three types of validity such as content validity, criterion validity and construct validity.

The author want to say that all the used research methods were relevant and appropriate to collect and gather all required data and information in relation to research aims, objectives and research questions. The measurement of efficiency and productivity regard as the vital tools and techniques for the purpose of measurement of work performance Gillikin, This work will be able to compare and contrast the relevant theories and practices available into the literatures and thus to make suggestions and recommendations for the case studied organization.

McKenna ; Archnahr ; Hakala ; and Gillikin Thus, the author would like to mention that this chapter has covered all of the relevant issues and concepts within the research methodology in relation to this research project- an investigation and analysis of the Research philosophy The consideration of research philosophy is important and vital part within the research project in relation to make good piece of research report Saunders et al.May 29,  · 2Write includes extensive database of Dissertation Writing Samples explaining about Abstract The research project is based on the investigation and evaluation of the effect of job satisfaction on the employee’s work performance, case study of Grange Hotels, UK.

Employee satisfaction is becoming more challenging for companies including those in the telecommunication industry due to a number of factors such as availability of the right talent in some fields, manager-employee relations, competition, differences in the level of.

Dissertation Report On “Customer satisfaction regarding Bolero) and Employee satisfaction is an original work and the same has not been submitted to any other institute for award of any other degree. The interim report was presented to the guide on 25/03/ The feasible suggestions have been duly.



Larry Kreuger, Dissertation Advisor ABSTRACT This exploratory study examined the overall level of engagement for employees of a public rehabilitation service agency, and the extent to which demographic and Engagement is more than simple job satisfaction and high.

Limelight on job satisfaction was brought by Hop pock in JOB SATISFACTION “I am satisfied with the job” is one way to define job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction refers to an employee’s general attitude towards his job.5/5(2).

Dissertation report on employee satisfaction
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