Essay on how to make chocolate chip cookies

You might become addicted very easily! Baking cookies is also a good activity to do with children. To make them first gather the ingredients, mix them together, and finally bake then.

For a quick tasty snack choose chocolate chip cookies. Now it is time to mix all the ingredients together. Place it carefully on the cookie sheet, and be careful to leave spaces between the dough.

Your review has been posted. All the ingredients can be conveniently bought at local grocery store, this if preferable, because it avoids trips to far off countries for coco beans and hand grinding flour from wheat heads.

However, not all chocolate chip cookies are like that. I can say from personal experience that not all experiments turn out well. What is your favorite kind of cookies?

The main steps to making chocolate chip cookies are gathering the ingredients, mixing the ingredients and baking the cookies. Once the baker comfortable with to the recipe they should try experimenting and changing the recipe. The next thing you need to do is to melt the butter in the air-temperature.

The air temperature is the state of being neither too cold nor hot; as it is worded, it is the normal temperature of the air. When they are done use a spatula to take them off the cookie sheet and place them on a cooling rack.

The ingredients needed to make a batch of cookies are: The last step is baking. When the butter is ready, mix with sugar, brown sugar, and salt. Make the shape you want your cookies to be with the dough.

Once you start eating, you cannot stop. Once, my mother put chunks of raspberry flavored chocolate in the batter.

When you bake them, the cookies expand and rise, so they may stick to each other. Next add in both types of sugar and mix it all up; then add the eggs. Fiction K - English - Humor - Words: First, you should check if you have all the tools and ingredients.

If the baker wishes to, the best time to experiment with different ingredients is right after the flour is mixed in. The tools you need to make the dough of the cookies are the bowl, mixer, and the measuring spoon. They just melt in your mouth like marshmallow and sweeten your mouth quickly.

When the batter is all mixed together it needs to go in the fridge for about two hours to harden. Now I will share with you my secret home recipe. You will have hard time taking them out even if a single fragment goes in.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

It usually takes about 2 minutes to make it sufficient for the next step. These ingredients are used often for other dishes, so you can just get whatever you use the most.

Mix the again with vanilla until it becomes creamy. Put it into the oven and keep track of the time — 15 minutes. So many things to do The 50g sugar has to be sweet enough for you; but not too sweet.

But spend lots of time writing Start with the butter. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Again I warn you, aware of the addictiveness! Kay Elliott 5 paragraph essay.Below is an essay on "Chocolate Chip Cookies" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

My grandma’s mom taught my grandma how to make her chocolate chip cookies and my grandma said it was the best time of her life when her and her mom would make them together. Plus, to add more taste to your cookie, you need 1ts of vanilla, g of walnut, and g of flour.

Oh, and don’t forget g of chocolate chips for your chocolate chip cookies! It’s okay to use more chocolate chips if you want, but this is just the right amount for most of the people.

Now you are ready to start. Running Head: Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies Steve Hogan American InterContinental University ENGLB Abstract In this essay, I will attempt to guide you through the process of making homemade chocolate chip cookies which is one of our favorites in the family.

This process does take some time, and needs some. How to Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies In: English and Literature Submitted By samlyons Words Pages 5. Samquinten Lyons Ms. Wanning Eng Process/Analysis Essay 12 June How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies One of my family’s treats is homemade chocolate chip cookies.

From the smell of the kitchen to the gooey, hot cookies. How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies. An easy to make, tasty treat is chocolate chip cookies. The modern chocolate chip cookie was originally made by a woman named Ruth Wakefield.

Chocolate chip cookies can fit any social event that you must bring food to and they will go over much better than Aunt Edna's tofu and eggplant casserole.

How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

- How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies introduction?? Chocolate chip cookies are the number one cookie because, it seems like every time you bite into one you’re biting into a piece of heaven. Chocolate chip cookies are the number one cookie because, it seems like every time you bite into one you’re biting into a piece of heaven.

Essay on how to make chocolate chip cookies
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