Hotel food vs home food which one do you prefer

Since this is going to be a 5 round debate and I will have the last round, I will pass on this and allow my opponent to present a full argument with sources and everything in their R2.

Unlike in fast food restaurants, the things you spend your money on in home-cooked meals are actually all going in your food. I will jump right in with my responce. Most "home cooked" meals consist of mac and cheese and microwave dinners from a box.

The price is right Image Source: Evening in hotels adds more enjoyment and a chance to taste different varieties of food.

People welcome you into their homes, give you all the luxuries that any hotel would provide and add an authentic dimension to your trip that you otherwise would not get.

This mixes the taste of another food into it. I have five different sabzis in front of me and three of them has same taste while they are different.

Burger I have been a fast-food addict all my life. Home is a natural home here the same dishes are available for consuming. Report this Argument Con I would like to thank my opponent for this debate. Do you not want to be one of these mainstream folks? But recently, I have begun to see the error of my ways.

They will tell you where to go and what to do much better than any travel website. But restaurent food is made up of sporius things.

After all, who would notice right?

Homestays Vs Hotels- Which Would You Prefer!

Sure, those fast food restaurants claim that they only use the freshest ingredients, but no matter how much they say it there will always be fast food branches where the managers are "shrewd". These unheathy nightmares can be found in food in restaurants and in the grocery store.

In these days of recession they try to serve the food by heating it again until utensils becomes empty. And that it depends entirely on who is cooking, rather than if it is a restaurant or home kitchen.

Tasty food is available in the market in different varieties. You just know that the food coming out from the kitchen are made for you and for nobody else. You check in at a hotel where the staff is courteous, sure, but distant.

Now compare that with home-cooked meals. My doctor said that if I valued my health then I should eliminate fast food from my diet. Mom takes great care in cooking the healthy food for me.

Pro i think home made food is always better than restaurant food. At a home-stay, you can communicate freely with the home-owners and tell them of any adjustments you want in your room or in your service. Home-cooked meals on the other hand are prepared not only to fill your stomach but also to ensure your well-being.

Which Do You Prefer: Fast Food or Home-cooked Meals?

It is nutritious and healthy to eat. Home food is hindered percent hygienic it is home made. You say home food sometimes better right. The Price We Pay for Convenience For all the reasons I have stated above, fast food aficionados would always counter it with: There are so many benefits of choosing home-stays over hotels.

We make food in home by taking into the account of health. My opponent is mistaking correlation for causation. Home-cooked meals are worth every penny. It is not where you get your food, but what is in the food.

Which food is best – hotel or home food.

You actually get what you pay for! Thank you and best of luck to all of us. You should always plan to go in the evenings as there is a less chance that you will get a foul food which is boiled again.Hotel vs.

home made food is better than restaurant food

Motel Diffen › Travel A hotel provides paid lodging to tourists and may also provide a number of other services or amenities, such as a. Home Cooked meals These days most Americans prefer fast food rather than home-made food, things have changed it was not like this back when I was a child it was totally different.

No one has time to cook at home or to make and bring their lunch to work. Indian food is hugely popular but there is a major difference between home made and restaurant cooked food.

Which one is better?

Or are both as good? Indian Restaurant vs Home Cooking restaurants are your answer. But if its comfort, hygiene and health that you want, then home food will be the more suited option.

Which do you prefer. Do you prefer home cooked meal or restaurant or take away food? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 9 Answers. One, I like to eat good food, and when I like something, I usually want to eat a lot of it. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home.

Which do you prefer? Do you not want to be one of these mainstream folks? Don't you want a different experience this time around? the room you get may be bigger than that modern cubicle you get in the name of a five-star hotel room.

2. Food factor. Image and it’s a very personal experience. Every home-stay you choose to stay at will each be a different. Check out the online debate home made food is better than restaurant food.

Hotel food vs home food which one do you prefer
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