Itc micro and macro analysis

BIMe Initiative Projects BIMe Initiative solution are delivered through different types of projects, each aiming to deliver a software application or a published guide of direct practical benefit to individuals, organisations and project teams.

These General Principles are available in many languages and are further presented as an online Excellence Manifesto for all BIMe Initiative supporters to sign. These are presented below after briefly explaining the research method and raw results. While many of these varied efforts provide great strategies, protocols and digital solutions, they are mostly disconnected from each other, restricted because of copyright clauses, and specific to the markets they originate from.

Results and discussions Research Directions The below image clarifies the distribution of featured BIM papers according to the 12 Research Directions: The BIMe Initiative is driven by informed contributors from across the world, each with their own specialty and world-improving mindset.


BIM Excellence is originally based on Dr. We, the initial group of Core Membersinvite you yes, you to join us as an active volunteer, signed-up member or recognised sponsor! Design, Construction and Operations. This adoption is important to ensure consistency of efforts and continuity of effort towards generating practical solutions and a coherent body of knowledge.

An expanding range of properties can be reliably determined for nano-powders e. The BIMe Initiative takes a different yet complementary approach to these international efforts by adopting four General Principles: Learn and adopt the BIMe Knowledge Structures so all work generated is interconnected and form a single body of knowledge; Collaborate constructively with other members and volunteers; and Openly and freely share their knowledge with the wider community.

For better understanding towards BIM publications compilation process in this study, we encourage you to read our publication, i.

In return for their contributions, sponsors receive public-recognition, and early-access to data, tools and project discussions. It offers an integrated methodology and a modular language for performance assessment, information management, learning and process optimisation.

We will soon publish additional resources, so make sure you join the discussion on TwitterLinkedIn or ResearchGate. However, to expand the activities of the BIMe Initiative and undertake more ambitious knowledge-sharing projects e. Figure 1a left shows the percentage published in each Research Direction, and Figure 1b right identifies the number of papers published by the top three contributing countries: Through this network, the best solutions are identified, incubated, tested and released.

These components — e. Subsequently, we generated a number of interactive maps to explain our findings and provided a number of conclusions. This post is a short summary of a much larger scoping study covering papers published over the past 25 years by BIM researchers from 65 countries. These numbers are useful to confirm some of the trends witnessed across markets.

One interesting trend observed in Figure 1b is that - among the top three Research Directions, researchers in established North American and European markets focus more on Standardization and Building Information Services, while researchers in emerging Asian markets focus more on the Process Simulation and Monitoring.

Based on this analysis, we identified the highly- moderately- and least-explored Research Directions, Model Uses and Project Lifecycle Phases. So what is the BIMe Initiative? The users can also click on a country they are interested in and view the BIM papers within a selected Research Direction: As of today, the online BIM Dictionary — the first project of the initiative — supports right-to-left script and 7 languages out of 20 planned in Why is the BIMe Initiative needed?

Also, there are only a few truly-international organisations operating in this space but they tend to mostly focus on developing schemas and prescriptive standards for industry to comply with. We also offer comprehensive support in the development of protocols for the dispersion of nano-powders in liquid media, as well as aerosolization of nano-powders and colloidal solutions.

The BIMe Initiative community is active, please join us! Through Open Innovation, new solutions are collaboratively developed and shared across disciplines, industries and markets. Ending thoughts The BIMe Initiative is a community-based effort committed to improving the digital performance of the Construction Industry through high-quality research, practical-tool development, and open knowledge-sharing.

To receive notifications, please subscribe to channel here: We used this framework and a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze and then visualize featured BIM publications.

For example, the physical and chemical characterisation of nanoparticle catalysts can be coupled with analysis of their electrochemical activity, whilst antibody conjugated nanoparticles can be analysed in functional assays — for example, lateral flow and flow cytometry.

Short videos will be added every couple of weeks and embedded into published relevant episodes. These structures are represented as five complementary Knowledge Set s: This structure allows the modular development of highly-interconnected guides and tools.

Sliding and Reciprocating Wear and Friction Nanoparticle Characterisation NPL supports nanoparticle manufacturers and companies developing novel nanoparticles and nanoparticle-based products through a wide range of measurement services enabling advanced characterisation and QA.The Vision of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology Silchar is to be a model of excellence for undergraduate and post graduate education and research in the country.

A detailed glossary of terms used in parapsychology and psychical research. Figure ultimedescente.combution of BIM papers according to Research Directions.

Upon analysis of Research Directions, Process Simulation & Monitoring was the top Direction accounting for 22% on its own (Figure 1a) with China generating most publications, followed by Korea, UK and Taiwan (Figure 1b). The second and third most-highly researched. The biotechnet Switzerland helps you access a wide variety of high-caliber competencies in biotechnology of Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences, Universities and Research and Technology Organizations.

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Itc micro and macro analysis
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