La sonnambula dessay florez

She is consumed with jealousy for she had once been betrothed to Elvino and had been abandoned by him in favour of Amina. A stranger arrives, asking the way to the castle. Additionally, she thanks Alessio, who tells her that he has composed the wedding song and organised the celebrations; she wishes him well in his courtship of Lisa, but Lisa cynically rejects the idea of love.

Rodolfo hands him the ring which he places on her finger, at which time she awakens and is amazed by what has happened. Juan La sonnambula dessay florez Florez and Natalie Dessay are simply sensational and, unusually for bel canto, they get the chance to show off their ability in a series of duets.

Teresa produces the handkerchief Lisa had dropped. Realising that her nocturnal wanderings have given rise to the story of the village phantom, Rodolfo is about to take advantage of her helpless state.

As they exchange vows, the notary asks what she brings to the partnership: When he says that he knows it, all are surprised. Amina and Teresa arrive and are on a similar mission, but Amina is despondent, although Teresa encourages her daughter to continue.

Amina continues to sleep on the sofa as the villagers arrive at the inn. In the second she walks along the window-ledge on the outside of the rehearsal room.

Bellini: La sonnambula

Act 1[ edit ] Scene 1: Lisa enters and points to Amina, who wakes up at the noise. Only Teresa believes in her innocence: Then, a section of the stage moves forward so that she is suspended over the orchestra pit to sing the sleepwalking aria which is the climax of the piece.

In an aria finale, Amina expresses her joy: I have been watching the Met chorus all season so it was a treat to see them in their everyday clothes without wigs and costumes.

He admits to having once stayed in the castle, whose lord has been dead for four years. Finally, everyone does dress up in their Swiss villager costume for a sort of parody of a traditional production.

Then as she reaches the other side safely, the distraught Elvino calls to her and she is taken into his arms. The lovelorn Alessio arrives, but she rejects his advances.

Elvino then exclaims that there will be no wedding, and each expresses his or her emotional reaction to this discovery. The newcomer, who surprises the villagers by his familiarity with the locality, asks about the celebrations and admires Amina, who reminds him of a girl he had loved long ago.Natalie Dessay as Amina and Juan Diego Flórez as Elvino deliver bel canto magic and vocal fireworks in Mary Zimmerman’s production.

The Tony award-winning director transfers Bellini’s bucolic tale to a rehearsal room in contemporary New York, where an opera company rehearses La Sonnambula—and where the singers are truly in love. Mar 21,  · La Sonnambula's story may be slight but the music is absolutely beautiful.

This production may not be to everyone's tastes, however I personally found it a riot and imaginatively staged.

Bellini: La Sonnambula

The romantic chemistry between Dessay and Florez, particularly in their duets together is most evident and added a furthermore heart-warming element /10(12).

La sonnambula (The Sleepwalker) is an opera semiseria in two acts, with music in the bel canto tradition by Vincenzo Bellini set to an Italian libretto by Felice Romani, based on a scenario for a ballet-pantomime written by Eugène Scribe and choreographed by Jean-Pierre Aumer called La somnambule, ou L'arrivée d'un nouveau ballet.

The MET’s ‘La Sonnambula’ website reads: “Mary Zimmerman, who directed Natalie Dessay in last season’s hit new production of Lucia di Lammermoor, underlines La Sonnambula’s dual elements of sleep and wakefulness in an.

New York Metropolitan Opera production of Bellini's romantic opera 'La Sonnambula'. Juan Diego Florez, Natalie Dessay and Michelle Pertusi star; Evelino Pido conducts the Metropolitan Opera Chorus and Orchestra/5(35). The brilliant tenor Juan Diego Florez and the always charming and talented Natalie Dessay share a fine chemistry and deliver terrific performances.

Their duet "Prendi: l'anel ti dono", an Act I highlight, is heavenly/5(35).

La sonnambula dessay florez
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