Marketing mix icici bank

The direct selling agents and team of ICICI contacts the customer at his place rather than asking him to come to the bank. Advertising and branding exercises in its marketing mix have always been full of impact.

It has great market share because if it gathering revenue by increasing quantity keeping price low. Under the promotional strategy, ads have been placed in the print media and famous personalities have been roped in for visual media. Cards - Credit cards, Travel card Insurance: For most of their services, they have a fixed pricing policy.

The customers stay highly motivated and the loyal employees also help in avoiding any bad word of mouth. The bank operates for 12 hours and always has out of the box initiatives.

These include personal, business, medical, vehicle or farming loans. Besides emphasizing on the modernization of its banking facilities stress is also laid on the benefits one gets on using the banks services.

They usually stress on promoting modernized, improved, and convenient banking that is provided to the customers that also benefits them in many ways. Direct and indirect way of communication. In this program, customers are allotted points as rewards for all the transactions, which are completed through the savings account of the bank.

Through the various social activities and best practices ICICI maintains an image which is not tampered by any means, and the bank works continuously to maintain the same image.

This has helped them in garnering more customers.

Marketing Mix of ICICI

Promotions through films and through technology, they can now track the interest and demands of customer. The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories.

They also have direct selling agents which contacts customer at place rather than coming to bank. ICICI Bank was created in as a JV of World Bank, public-sector banks from India and insurance companies with a motive to create development financial institutions for medium and long-term projects financing the Indian Business.

ICICI Bank:How Marketing Mix elements are used?

Promotions are also done through films like Baghban. It has a very clear-cut pricing policy. They consider their customer service as their major product that has also helped them in gaining brand equity in India.

Since ICICI bank has its offices in so many countries, it is very evident that the company believes in diversity which definitely helps the company in its growth and prosperity.Assignment Icici bank with 8p of service marketing INTRODUCTION ICICI BANK ICICI Bank is India's second-largest bank with total assets of Rs.

4, billion at March 31, and profit after tax Rs. billion (US$ 1, million) for. Marketing mix of ICICI bank – ICICI marketing mix January 2, By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Marketing mix articles ICICI Bank is an Indian, Public ltd Company dealing with finance and banking services.

ICICI bank is located in India as a multinational bank and this article will discuss the marketing mix of ICICI. Marketing mix of ICICI will include all the P's. Marketing are central to financial services organization as is to other sectors.

ICICI Bank Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix Elements are used by banks and financial services organisations for positioning their products and services and reaching out to the target customers.

In this blog, a case study of ICICI Bank (One of the largest Private Bank in India) is illustrated from Marketing Mix. Icici bank marketing mix 1.

A Marketing Perspective on 2. 2 Setup in Headquartered in Mumbai Largest Private Sector Bank in India by Assets and Profits SBI and HDFC 4th PNB Third most valuable bank in India 1st mover in Internet and Mobile banking space Ranked 59rd most valuable brand in the world by Millward Brown Brandz.

Marketing Mix - Service 7 P's Words | 7 Pages. more intangible-dominant a service is, the greater the need to make the service tangible. Credit cards are another example of the use of tangible evidence that facilitates the provision of (intangible) credit facilities by credit card companies and banks.

Marketing mix icici bank
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