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Charm is in the Quark Gluon Plasma The goal of heavy-ion physics is to study the Quark Gluon Plasma QGPa hot and dense medium where quarks and gluons move freely over large distances, larger than the typical size of a hadron.

In this project you will develop and test new observables of the CME, trying to understand and discriminate the background sources that affects such a measurement.

Such a particle could be produced in decays of heavy baryons. Topics by nbsp; Note: Nikhef, Amsterdam Netherlands electron calorimeter ecal: The new method is thought to be an example of a highly sensitive phototransferInformation System INIS This thesis describes the development and testing 3he optical pumping: With larger pixels artefacts occur due to spatial under sampling.

Still, one thing is for sure: This thesis describes the development of an experimentwhich describe the Fermi excitations.

Probing the time evolution of particle production in the Quark-Gluon Plasma Particle production is governed by conservation laws, such as local charge conservation. Lacking spectral information can result in an ambiguity between material composition and amount of material in the sample.

A search for lepton non-universality in Bc meson decays Recently, LHCb experiment has reported a number of intriguing deviations from SM in leptonic decays of B mesons.

Government science agencies, including research and development results.

The Nikhef group is playing an important role in this experiment. Only for the high energetic muon neutrino candidates a high resolution in the direction has been achieved, but also for those no significant correlation to astrophysical sources has to date been detected.

Particle polarisation in strong magnetic fields When two atomic nuclei, moving in opposite directions, collide off- center then the Quark Gluon Plasma QGP created in the overlap zone is expected to rotate.

If the X-ray intensity as a function of the energy can be measured i. We urgently need a master student to 1 analyze the first big data set, and 2 contribute to the first physics paper from the experiment.

Theory predicts that in heavy-ion collisions gluonic fields create domains where the parity symmetry is locally violated. In this project, a simultaneous treatment of both PDFs and FFs in a global QCD analysis of single inclusive hadron production processes will be made to determine the individual parton-to-hadron FFs.

Data Analysis There exist a few measurements that suggest an annual modulation in the activity of radioactive sources. This analysis has an ambitious goal to find beyond Standard Model processes like Excited leptons using events with 4 leptons. There are a number of avenues to explore for research, including expanding the parameter space to include precessing binaries or intermediate-mass black hole binaries, implementing multivariate statistics with analytic and machine learning techniques, and developing deeper searches by coordinating with gamma-ray triggers.

The aim of this thesis is to optimize the cut selectionSwitzerland ; Kieft, G. Simulations of Binary Neutron Star Mergers and applications for multimessenger astronomy With the detection of the binary neutron star merger in August GW a new era of multi-messenger astronomy started.

The secondof Diploma and PhD Theses performedquantum mechanics for example: For this project computer skills are needed. Holographic projector A difficulty in generating holograms based on the interference of light is the required dense spatial light field sampling.

Topics by nbsp; target core. The technical and administrative support activities are also presented. However, the decays of charm and beauty mesons could spoil the picture with decays that resembles the signal.

The goal of this project is to take full advantage of the unique, among all LHC experiments, capabilities of the ALICE detector that is able to identify particles to extend the studies to different particle species e.

These simulations are particularly successful in describing some of the key observables measured experimentally, such as particle spectra and various orders of flow harmonics. In this project we will address the neutrino sources in a stacked analysis to further probe the origin of the neutrinos with enhanced sensitivity.

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Another challenge is the massive amount of computing power that would be required to control such a dense pixel matrix.Master Thesis Dressed states and the infrared problem Author: Catalin Catana Supervisor: Eric Laenen November, InstituteforTheoreticalPhysics, Utrecht University Theory Group, Nikhef.

Jan 01,  · Nikhef Phd Thesis Example electron storage rings: Topics by nbsp; ring Super-ALIS. From this experience, it is demonstrated that low energy injection is a very attractive method for constructing a compact synchrotron light source.

examples and geometrical interpretation. The treatment of proofs varies. Those proofs that are elementary and hve sig-nificant pedagogical content are presented precisely, in a style tailored for beginners.

A few proofs that are more difficult, but pedgogically valuable, are placed at the end of of the section and marked “Optional”. For example, there are intensive contacts with Nikhef’s ATLAS and LHCb programmes, which have already led to proposals for new measurements, as well as to the development of strategies to minimize experimental uncertainties.

Master Thesis Research Projects The following Master thesis research projects are offered at Nikhef.

If you are interested in one of these projects, please contact the coordinator listed with the project. 15 Thesis Statement Examples. Below are 15 debatable, supportable, and focused thesis statements for you to learn from. Feel free to customize them for use in your own argumentative essay.

As you read the following examples, be careful not to use these thesis statements word-for-word.

Nikhef master thesis examples
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