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The synergy of corporate takeovers means that often the content producer and retailer are owned by the same company, so that the content producer has no incentive to stand up for free expression and deny profits to deny profits to their sister corporation. I remember when brands represented a product and a reputation.

No Space, No Choice, No Jobs by Naomi Klein is an examination of the change from products to branding and the results that has had on the population.

Workers who could previously plan to be employed for life and enjoy the benefits of a good wage and excellent benefits have found themselves abandoned by the corporations for which their parents worked. Mega-Mergers of the s and s and the growth of Wal-Mart and Blockbuster bring more change to the American markets.

This goal was accomplished by moving factories to third-world nations, where labor laws and minimum wages, not to mention benefits packages, were non-existent. This happens in other industries too.

ABC Newsfor instance, is allegedly under pressure not to air any stories that are overly critical of Disney, its parent company. This book is divided into four sections: If you bike is carbon fiber it came from one of three plants in China or Taiwan.

If all corporations had a cap on advertising budgets, how much cheaper would things be at the grocery store? Klein argues that this is part of a trend toward targeting younger and younger consumers.

I choose the third section No Jobs. She is an author and social activist, who is known for her political analyses and criticism of corporate globalization.

No space, no choice, no jobs, no logo

Today the brand Schwinn still lives, the name bought and sold a few times, and now Schwinns are sold in the toy department at Wal-Mart. The first three sections deal with the negative effects of brand-oriented corporate activity, while the fourth discusses various methods people have taken in order to fight back.

As the advertising industry has evolved to become a major shaper of culture, a sea change in corporate climate has transformed companies from producers of products to purveyors of image and dreams.

It is fact filled and so well documented that it slows the reading pace down. Nike, McDonalds, and Shell have felt acute pressure from anti-corporate forces.

This has meant that what and how incidents and situations are reported is controlled by executives who protect their lengthy list of subsidiaries and partners. There is still brand loyalty in the bicycle industry, but in reality it is pretty meaningless. However, while globalization appears frequently as a recurring theme, Klein rarely addresses the topic of globalization itself, and when she does, it is usually indirectly.

Also know that even the updated book was released in so some of the technology is no longer as relevant. Early examples of brands were often used to put a recognizable face on factory-produced products.

All of this is set against a backdrop of massive profits and wealth being produced within the corporate sector. In these countries things have taken a turn for the worse as temporary contracts and part time work are replacing full time secure employment.

No Logo is an eloquent history of branding and its opponents, a conflict that is certainly deserving of a good historian.

In the s we celebrated capitalism and consumerism destroying communism and state planned economies.

No space, no choice, no jobs, no logo : taking aim at the brand bullies /

Malls now serve the role of public forums, but unlike town squares, malls are privately owned, so any anti-corporate protesters can be removed from the point of purchase. Disney, perhaps the inventor of synergy as long ago as the merchandizing blitz of Snow White, now controls ABC.

This is a book you read for information not simply enjoyment. Anti-corporate protesters have learned that corporations No logo no job summary more responsive to the power of boycott and protest than governments are to similar activist pressure. Her books include No Logo: The sheer size and purchasing power of these mega-corporations gives them the leverage to move production out of North America.

Wal-Mart can refuse to stock certain CDs, prompting recording artists to change their CD covers, or to produce alternate versions for sale at Wal-Mart. This approach to the problem of production creates intense competition among developing economies to keep labor costs low and regulation loose so as to provide attractive zones for product assembly to take place.

Today it seems capitalism and consumerism are also trying to destroy itself. Pregnancy is discouraged and pregnancy tests are given monthly in some sweatshops.

The third part talks about how First World jobs are outsourced, off shored and subcontracted from the Third World countries. Volume 1 and the editor of the online journal The Satirist: Klein was offered a series of editorial jobs in newspapers and magazines and this prevented her from getting a final degree from the university.

The brand has a deep inner meaning. Retail establishments, employing these part-time and temporary workers, hawk the brands that their employees can hardly afford to purchase.No Logo, an incisive and insightful report from the frontlines of mounting backlash against multinational corporations, explains why some of the most revered brands in the world are finding themselves on the wrong end of a bottle of spray paint, a computer hack, or an international anti-corporate campaign.

No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies is a book by the Canadian author Naomi published by Knopf Canada and Picador in Decembershortly after the WTO Ministerial Conference protests in Seattle had generated media attention around such issues, it became one of the most influential books about the alter-globalization movement and an international bestseller.

No Logo: No Space, No Choice, No Jobs by Naomi Klein is an examination of the change from products to branding and the results that has had on the population.

Klein is a writer, journalist, and film maker/5. SUMMARY. With a new Afterword to the edition. No Logo employs journalistic savvy and personal testament to detail the insidious practices and far-reaching effects of corporate marketing - and the powerful potential of a growing activist sect that will surely alter the course of the 21st century.

No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies Summary & Study Guide Naomi Klein This Study Guide consists of approximately 32 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of No Logo.

NO LOGO MEDIA EDUCATION FOUNDATION STUDY GUIDEChallenging media Key Pointsprovide a concise and comprehensive summary of each section of the video. They are included to make it easier for you and your students to recall the details of the video during class discussions, and as.

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