Notes on formation ionic bonding and formula writing and nomenclature

One has to remove the active cause of the energetic problem and provide the body with enough of the deficient nutrients before you can really achieve success in tackling the energetic effects the problems have had on the body. For more information on electromagnetic stimulation, please see the Electromagnetic Deficiencies page and also the FIR section on this page.

Please bear in mind that as you leach heavy metals out of the bone and tissues of the body in sequence that their levels may be temporarily elevated in the blood and hence hair folicles. In this manner, levels of specific heavy metals may appear artificially elevated or even increase from one hair analysis to another.

When should you do this? If you are lucky enough to have a lower level of toxicity or very healthy liver and kidneys, you may well be able to complete your detoxification programme in one continuous programme, with no intervals. Cellular detoxification, or in effect, actively releasing toxins from the tissues and organs of the body into the blood stream, is equivalent on some level to continuously poisoning the body over long periods of time.

You may wish to also consider the Liver Function tests on the Tests page to establish which liver pathways if any are impaired and require supporting.

Large amounts of oil in the diet and the consumption alcohol, caffeine, nicotene or other drugs will put a heavy burden on the liver and gallbladder.

Sometimes the exact place of the sensation may vary slightly, sometimes feeling as if it is coming from the top of the ascending colon, and at other times from the bottom of the liver.

If you do this, you are likely to tire your liver out rather quickly. I would not categorise living micro-organisms as toxins, but as invaders or unwanted guests.

In some cases, the level of toxicity is so severe, that the programme should be started immediately, prior to treating any other conditions the individual has. Proper, diaphragm breathing to expel toxic carbon dioxide gas CO2 is a toxic gas!

Sometimes liver discomfort can be confused with a discomfort or pain in the colon, specifically the top of the ascending colon. It is therefore of critical importance to decrease the amount of cellular detoxification or chelation to match the available Glutathione levels, or to boost those Glutathione levels by taking Glutathione precursors e.

After this, then the process of building the body back up again will be more effective as any poisons present will interfere with bio-chemical processes and act like brakes on your recovery. There is a difference between being ready to detox and needing to detox.

This is far from being widely accepted as fact however. If you are not sure then, it is best to take a break from detoxification for at least a couple of weeks in any case!

Please see the section below for more information. Energetic therapies such as acupuncture, bio energy healing, quantum touch etc. Immediate improvement should be seen in such cases. Please note that in addition to eliminating toxins from the body, the liver is also responsible for breaking down and digesting oils.

It should not be ignored! In the case of Heavy Metals, they are usually in places where they are already causing a large number of problems biochemically, so chelation does not poison the body so much but more taxes the organs of elimination, which are probably already quite stretched.

As a general rule if there is such a thingI advocate that invading organisms should be largely eradicated first, such as fungus, yeasts, bad bacteria, mycoplasmas, candida, parasites etc.Ionic Compounds Student Notes expand content 4. Elaborate part I The most common mistake by students is not having the correct oxidation numbers resulting in writing incorrect formulas is parts III and IV.

Also in part II many students forgot to put the roman numeral (II) for Cobalt (II) nitride. Ionic Bonds: Formation and Naming. TOPIC 3. IONIC COMPOUNDS: formation, formulas and naming. METALLIC BONDING. Chemical bonding. When elements combine to form compounds, a chemical bond holds the atoms.

Formation of.

Ionic Bonds and Ionic Compounds. A formula unit is to an ionic compound as a molecule is to a covalent compound. III. Formation of Covalent Bonds and Molecular Compounds Covalent Bonding and Nomenclature Notes Part 2. I. Metallic Bonds-a third type of bond. This is what holds pure metal atoms together.

Metallic bonding. Chemistry: Nomenclature & Writing Chemical Formulas Notes Nomenclature is the process of naming chemical compounds based on their chemical formula. Formulas and Nomenclature of Ionic and Covalent Compounds.

Adapted from McMurry/Fay, sectionp. Writing Formulas of Ionic Compounds Nomenclature of Ionic and Covalent Compounds * But note that nitrogen does not follow this pattern (i.e., nitrate.


Steps: 1. Does the compound begin with a metal or a nonmetal?

2. If it begins with a metal – it is ionic. Do not use prefixes in name, use charges to determine formula. ION FORMATION, IONIC BONDING AND FORMULA WRITING.

Notes on formation ionic bonding and formula writing and nomenclature
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