Opinion on mark twains essay the damned human race essay

Girls with high notch counts have a shitload of mental issues as it is. Eventually the only option for a man who wants to pass on his legacy or have a meaningful relationship with a beautiful woman is to leave the country.

Housewives, strippers, sex workers, sluts, and all pretty women in between have always had to use their looks to get by as a matter of survival. Participating in sex acts such as this even once will render a female utterly incapable of having a normal sexual relationship.

The obvious question here is why? Nobody wins in this situation… …except, of course, for the men squatting over these girls and emptying their bowels.

The physical and emotional toll it takes on them is a cross they are ill equipped to bear. Why do girls do this? Donovan Sharpe Donovan is a sexist son of a bitch who objectifies women by keeping them on their toes, their backs, and their knees where they belong.

If anything, it cements what we already knew to be true in the first place. Not much as far as betas are concerned.

Do Women Become Irreparably Damaged After Allowing Arab Princes To Defecate On Them?

The real debauchery happens behind closed doors and it is outright nauseating to be sure. Some women are literally dedicating their lives to looking as good as they possibly can — you can find them on Instagram, Tumblr, etc.

Most of them still have to suck a dick to get by, and outside of being fuck toys, they have nothing to offer which is why most of them are constantly in and out of relationships.

This article will take a look at the where this behavior originates as it relates to the sexual marketplace, what their motivations are, their real status-quo, how it truly damages them, and most importantly what this means for men.

Trophy wives The trophy wife comes out the best, having exchanged her most valuable assets for long-term security and a lifestyle befitting a young, pretty woman. But those looks are all they have. So is her mouth, anus, dignity, or anything else that can get her money, gifts, or security.

We see this all the time all over the world.

This leads her into relationships with dangerous, mentally unstable men which only accelerates her descent into cerebral torture. In quite a few photos, there were bedsheets stained with blood and feces, and quite often there was drug paraphernalia in the room.

Our highest value not to be confused with quality women are being grossly polluted by this lifestyle. Why would these young, pretty girls put themselves through these disgusting fuck-a-thons? But the scarcity of beautiful women in the U. Lying in a pool of blood, shit, and urine after getting ass fucked by half a dozen condomless men just to get a picture standing next to a Lamborghini wearing designer heels is quite another.

But how many times can a girl physically and mentally handle these gross, abusive, Arabian-style fuckfests?

The fact that they do this of their own volition for short-lived status and attention hits on social media exposes them for the nefarious creates they are when left to their own devices. It really is as simple as that, gents. Their company, however, is an extremely tame description.Matt Forney recently reported on a website called Tag The ultimedescente.com is a site that pulls back the veil on the real exploits of instagram “models.” In short, good looking women are propositioned by rich Middle Eastern men (the “sponsors”) to finance their all-expense paid trips to Dubai and other exotic locations in exchange for their company.

Opinion on mark twains essay the damned human race essay
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