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The arguments that surround the issue of racial profiling are connected to the inherent racism found in our communities and the tensions between law enforcement officials and various communities of color.

However, there are incidents of racial profiling in other situations and instances throughout American history. The intelligence garnered by the DEA gave birth to Operation Pipeline, the knowledge of the relationship between drug networks and drug markets, and how drugs were transported between each.

Many contend that racial profiling severely hampers civil rights, while others believe it is necessary police practice. For example, a poor individual who spends a large amount of time in affluent enclaves may be targeted as someone likely to commit a crime.

Hispanics and Latinos have faced intense scrutiny from law enforcement Police profiling is racist essay under suspicion that they are illegal residents; Asian-Americans were discriminated against by police officers in the communities in which they lived when they began immigrating to the United States in large numbers in the s.

The practice of racial profiling by law enforcement agencies was begun during the late s, as police officers worked to capture drug traffickers.

Even more currently, after the September 11 attacks inthe War on Terrorism was announced and individuals across the country were arrested, questioned, or detained by federal law enforcers. Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Racial Profiling study guide and get instant access to the following: First, although white drivers were more likely than both black and Hispanic drivers to be stopped by police for speeding, both blacks and Hispanics were more likely to receive a ticket.

Racial profiling has been used to justify finding drug smugglers, terrorists, and undocumented immigrants.

Among the young, males drivers to be stopped, blacks and Hispanics were more likely to be searched.

Blacks were also three times more likely than whites to be searched during traffic stops Kerby, Inas the war against drugs continued, the Drug Enforcement Agency DEA began training police officers across the country in recognizing a profile of a drug courier, based on intelligence gathered in how drugs were transported and introduced to various drug markets.

In AprilArizona enacted SBwhich made it a misdemeanor crime for a a nonresident of the United States to be in Arizona without carrying required documents. Many people equate the war on drugs as beginning the controversy regarding racial profiling.

The war on drugs gained intensity in the s, with the introduction of crack cocaine into mainstream America Pampel, Other ethnic groups in the United States have also experienced negative effects from racial profiling. Additionally, 1 in every 3 black men can expect to go to prison as some point in their lives, and convicted blacks receive sentences that are 10 percent longer than their white counterparts.

For example, a poll conducted in said 81 percent of individuals reported that they disapproved of racial profiling when law enforcement officials pulled over motorists solely based on their race and ethnicity. Local and state police were trained to target individuals and vehicles that met certain characteristics, including but not limited to age and race characteristics of possible transporters.

The results were significant for several reasons. The entire section is 4, words.Police and Racial Profiling Essay examples Words | 8 Pages The term “racial profiling” is used by agencies of law enforcement to describe an individual’s race or ethnicity as a factor in articulating reasonable suspicion to stop, question, or arrest an individual (Racial Profiling 1).

The concern about racial profiling is erupting throughout the country. Many provinces, cities, social groups, and academics have decided to study racial profiling, and how race and ethnicity may play a part in police investigations.

The first essay, published by Gawker and written by Kiese Laymon, an associate professor of English and a contributing editor at Gawker, begins with the author at a traffic stop, being chastised by a white local police officer. Racial profiling and the police The concern about racial profiling is erupting throughout the country.

Many provinces, cities and social activist groups have decided to study racial profiling, or how race and ethnicity may play a part in police investigations. Police Profiling is Racist Essay Words 5 Pages Many people in the United States are against police profiling in our cities and towns against African-Americans and other minorities, while they are supporters of racial profiling in our airports.

Black Americans are more than twice as likely as white Americans to be killed by police officers. 1 Researchers agree that racism almost certainly plays a.

Police profiling is racist essay
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