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The ironic part is that Grandpa Joe actually had asked Wonka at one point, "How could you do a thing like this? Eating excessive amounts of sugar has been linked to many terrifying diseases and disorders, including the wonderfully efficient fungus called candida. Seriously… this movie is fucked up.

So why bother with a replacement at all? Both films wrestle with ideas of class structure and the decadence and greed of those in power and of mass culture.

Without further ado, here are the results of our research She has to have one of them so badly that she breaks out into song, which means she really wants that fucking goose.

Well, if there is a system, we can therefore assume that Willy Wonka had a plan for where the chocolate bars containing the golden tickets would be distributed: He laid out intricate traps designed to lure each victim specifically Alright, so clearly Wonka handpicked his victims.

A setting which, at first sight, looks nice and willy wonka murder happy essay cute Willy wonka murder happy — Young Frankenstein.

Not surprising when you realize he is being eaten from the inside by a mushroom.

Willy Wonka fan theory claims he actually KILLED all of the other children

Irritability, mood swings, anxiety, and depression, which are present throughout the film when he snaps at the children for no reason or starts to reminisce about his past. There, Willy Wonka was found dead and covered in chocolate. What lies ahead in each subsequent train car or factory chamber is unknown to the viewers and this adds to the suspense.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Why Willy Wonka and the Chocolate in order to justify the murder it turns out that Snowpiercer is in fact the film with the true happy ending.

Pictures Then he started asking Willy if it was safe.

Namely, parents who will accompany them to a chocolate factory and who spoil them with candy. From the beginning of the industrial revolution, children were and still are used in factories to perform menial, repetitive tasks because they are small, dexterous, easy to control, and ultimately voiceless.

Pictures "Well, time to punish your ingenuity! The film has always been about how wonderful and alluring sugar is. Even if she does live through the ordeal, her life will never be the same.

When he discovered that he would inherit the Wonka Factory and that he could bring his whole family to live with him, his mind must have been completely blown.

Wonka and his Oompa Loompas were prepared for each death Pay attention to the number of seats and the number of coat-hangers after each kid disappears. Poor memory, lack of focus, and brain fog, which are so obvious even Mr. It should be a simple case of just going to the doctor, right? Wait, it gets worse.

Violet Beauregarde Violet loves gum. Especially when you know the symptoms of a severe case: Augustus Gloop Augustus was a glutton, and Wonka brought him to a chocolate river without any guard rails.

All he knows is that his health is waning and he is suffering from increasingly scary symptoms. From reading the book, I then saw Gene Wilder x27;s interpretation and realised that he was exactly how my youthful mind had imagined.

There is a strong parallel between the exploited children in Snowpiercer and the exploited Oompa Loompas. Unlike Everett and Namgoong, who martyr themselves for the greater good, Charlie takes on the mantle of capitalism and maintaining the status quo.

Chronic fatigue, which explains the cane. Mike gets converted through Wonkavision into a miniature version of himself, then Wonka sends him to the taffy pulling machine. Willy wonka murder happy essay. He has four elderly grandparents and his mother to think of.

Wonka retreated into his factory, his own hermetically sealed world with everything he could possibly need apart from vitamins or mineralsnot knowing the horrible health issues it would create. So in a way, although he makes a decision that on the surface seems to be the right one, Charlie ultimately makes a less moral choice than Everett.

In contrast, Everett is already an adult. The only way the trap could have been more suited to Augustus was if the river also contained floating pieces of cake with sprinkles on top and fried chicken. For example, both films touch on our industrialized food system with echoes of The Jungle and Soylent Green.

I mean, we all saw it coming. She fails the test, becoming victim number two.The story is about a man named Willy Wonka who owns a world famous yet mysterious chocolate factory and a boy named Charlie Bucket who is a poor boy yet in the face of all the suffering he goes through he maintains the.

Willy Wonka should have many years ahead of him, continuing to make great chocolate and take his time to seek out a suitable heir. Warner Bros. Pictures An heir he's jump-starting on the track to juvenile diabetes, but still.

Jun 15,  · Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory () is a film beloved by all for its heartwarming tale about a poor young boy who comes to inherit a magical chocolate factory after passing a test of his character.

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The movie is labeled as a family film that is entertaining for both children and their parents, while also teaching the kids certain. Willy wonka murder happy essay.

Willy wonka murder happy essay. In the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, five children win a lottery to take a tour of the mysterious chocolate factory, only to be nearly killed one by one. Each child, except for the hero Charlie, represents a different vice including greed, gluttony, and.

Compare and Contrast: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory versus Snowpiercer

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Gene Wilder was born Jerome Silberman in Milwaukee.

Willy wonka murder happy essay
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